Downloading tracks on USB Stick for Android car radio for Roon Arc

Roon Arc Machine

Android 11 on car radio

Networking Gear & Setup Details

I use my Iphone 13 Pro as a hotspot for wifi connectivity

Connected Audio Devices

USB Stick

Number of Tracks in Library

20.000 tracks (NAS) + Qobuz Sublime +

Description of Issue

I own a car radio with Android OS (11). There is an option to connect a USB stick for extra storage. I would like to be able to download tracks for local use on this stick since i don’t have any space on the radio’s memory. I saw in settings for Roon Arc that there is a Beta release for USB support. I enrolled in the early user’s group but i couldn’t use this option. Is it something that will be available in the near future?

@Jon_Spijker, the beta feature for ARC on Android is for bypassing the native default 48K sampling rate on Android phones and enabling bit perfect playback to an external USB DAC. External storage currently is not supported.

That is disappointing because I have no memory space on my radio to store more downloads. Is it something i can expect in the near future?

I cannot speak directly for Roon, but they have not yet provided a committed schedule on the storage option using an memory card or for Android Auto support.

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