DR numbers for Tidal Albums

I’d really like the DR number for Tidal albums, with the new versions feature it would be useful extra information on what is different between the versions.

I appreciate that this might not be a simple request, I know Tidal have loudness info for their tracks, but it is not DR (LUFS maybe), but if they were prepared to share that it would be a good start.

If they are not I’m wondering if ‘crowd sourcing’ this info might work, I’m assuming every item in Tidal has a unique identifier, and when I play an album all the data to calculate the DR value passes through my PC, so if this was sent to Roon to collate eventually most Tidal albums would have DR numbers that could be shared. As a side benefit It would be great if the progress bar waveform could be captured at the same time.

P.S. Would it be possible to show DR values for different versions of the same album on the versions tab with some sort of ‘classic tracklisting DR value’ as well as the existing DR value. What I mean is if an album was made with 10 tracks at launch, but there is also a remastered and extended version with 15 tracks could you show a 2nd DR value for the 15 track version that was just for the original 10 tracks. So the DR values of the classic track list were comparable easily.


I was just about to file this same feature request. But not only for Tidal but also for Qobuz albums. This would be very helpful indeed.