Drag drop album automatically copy to watched folder

Currently when you drag drop an album into roon it will copy it to the organized roon folder which is not recommended.

Would it be possible to have it copied to a user specified watched folder (more or less like iTunes does) and have this trigger a force rescan.

Currently when I add music to roon I have to copy the file to my watched folder on my NAS and then perform a force rescan as music is hardly ever synched automatically.

I think this would greatly improve the import workflow

I have a different take on this: as it is Roon determining the folder names for artists and albums I think it is right that it is performed in the organised folder. I don’t want Roon updating or amending the watched folder/files at all.

I’m not keen on deletion either, but I know that the files for “deleted” albums do need to removed, I would just prefer them to be moved to a “trash” sub-folder that is ignored by Roon.

I understand your concern but I’d like to see roon as a digital asset manager and the import feature remains fully manual.
What’s up with this organised folder? Even the roon team does not recomment using it (but it remains available) Is there a future for it? What’s the plan?

Itunes always did a great job for me with simply dragging music into the library. I’m now a lifetime roon user and would love a more elgant way to add music…

According to this page, the Organized Folder feature doesn’t have a future, and will be removed at some point.

I use it as staging folder … I drop in new albums and see what Roon does to the files … if I’m happy I move the results to my main watched folded.

If I’m not happy I work on the files metadata till I am.

But I only add one album at a time … so I can see the trees from the wood.

Back to this feature request… Maybe the drag n drop could prompt for use selection / confirmation.