Drag Handle fail in 1.8, can’t reorder Playlist or Queue

“Drag Handle” not working properly since update to 1.8 When I attempt to reorder a Playlist or the Queue the selected track sometimes fails to settle in the desired location and instead “floats” and cannot be deselected.

Just tried to replicate this but can’t. I’m using ROCK and a MacPro control/remote. There is a small delay when you let go in the desired queue location but it always snaps into place with no floating for me. Playlists are even snappier with no delay at all.

It will help if you give some system details. Could be specific to a certain setup or graphics card.

Sorry for the lack of info. Core installed on a SGC sonicTransporter i5, remote installed on an iPad. Nothing new at all with what I was doing…thousands of times before…only change is 1.8.