DragonFly Black Settings

I recently switched to an amp without an integrated DAC and am using my DragonFly Black in the interim. What settings in Roon do folks find best when feeding the D’fly Black to an amp?

Hi there fritzg, did you ever get an answer on this? I am looking for the same info. If I plug my DragonFly back into my laptop and run Roon the DragonFly glows megenta when I play MQA files. However, if I plug the Dragonfly into my Andriod phone (Galaxy S8+) it only glows blue when playing MQA tracks

Set it as an MQA renderer. Turn on MQA in Roon so it will do the first unfold.

Thank you Jim,

How do I turn on MQA in Roon and do I do it on the phone or on the PC desktop app?

Sorry to be dense!!!

I guess it’s just in the device setup for your MQA end-point device. Settings - Audio - Your Device Setup.

You do it in Settings on the Roon core loaded on your PC or Nucleus or wherever you have it installed, not your iPhone or iPad, etc.