Dragonfly Cobalt not seen

My Roon server is run on a Mac mini and it is fine. Now my DragonFly Cobalt - DragonFly Series · AudioQuest. - attached to another MAcmini running Roon is not seen anymore. It was fine for a while and it disappeared from Roon but of course visible on the MacMini for other applications. Any tips?


Hi Alain, Check firewall is letting Roon through, reboot core, Mac and network devices. Ensure mac is on same subnet as the Roon core.

I did try what you suggested but it still the same. Since I have changed anything, it can come only from a Room update or a Mac update. Any idea?ALain

Give us screenshots of “settings” > “audio” and “settings” > “about” from both Macs.
Maybe first replug DragonFly and if no-go try rebooting your Macs.

Till then, fingers crossed…

I can now see it again. Had updated ESET which is my antivirus and somehow the firewall blocked Roon to see locally attached the DragonFly connect but it was fine for all other applications so I created an exception for Roon locally and it now works…