Dragonfly Cobalt

DellI Inspiron 11 3000 series.

Hello can anyone advise how to use the Dragonfly Cobault as a Roon endpoint for use with a mobile phone?

I can’t see it under Audio when I attach it to phone and it powers on.

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I’m not sure it works that way. I have my Roon core on Dell laptop. When I plug my Dragonfly into laptop, the Dragonfly shows up as a Roon end point.

My iPhone has the Roon remote app installed. I can use it to control my Roon music on the Dell laptop. If I plug my Dragonfly into my iPhone while my laptop is running the Roon core, I can play music on my iPhone, but the Dragonfly does not show up as a Roon end-point on my laptop. I’m not sure it is supposed to. However, it does show up as iPhone as a zone on the phone, but nothing on the laptop.

Hi James

Thanks for this. Am unsure why Roon advertised Cobalt as a means to make your mobile device a Roon endpoint. V confusing!

See Roon Partner Update 2019 for this

It might be. I’m just saying what I see. It shows up as an end-point when plugged into my laptop USB port. When plugged into my iPhone, I’m not seeing it as an endpoint on my laptop, but do see the iPhone as a device I can play to on the iPhone. My iPhone as the Roon control app, whatever that’s called.

I currently have my Dragonfly plugged into my laptop and if I open the Roon app on my iPhone, it shows the Dragonfly as an endpoint.

The Audioquest is seen by the iPhone you use the Roon Remote app to play to “this device”

I use a Dragonfly Red with the Apple Camera kit, I click on the Zone icon, I see Mikes iPad then play to that the output is through the DAC, also Bluetooth , AirPlay etc

Go to settings, Audio and activate the iPhone

Roon core will not see the Audioquest, or the iPhone as a zone on the core and you can’t control it from the core just the device

Phones are private zones by default, meaning they can only be controlled locally. If you change the default and make the phone a public zone then it will appear to all other Controls, including the Core.

I expect some of the devs had siblings growing up …

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The Cobalt is a Roon tested DAC, Roon do not say anywhere its an endpoint as its not. It will work on your phone as Roon endpoint if you on iOS only currently and have set the Roon app as player. Or you use it with a computer, device or streamer that supports USB Audi to get audio out,

Learn something new everyday

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Hi @William_Walsh,

As others have noted in this thread, when you are playing to your Cobalt via a Mobile Phone, you will want to use the Mobile Device zone for the output, for example I use Noris' iPhone zone when playing to any DACs attached to my iPhone.

If you are using an iOS Lightning to USB adapter, I would make sure that you are using the USB3 version as your Dragonfly might require additional power than the regular USB (non-USB3) version can provide.

If you do not see this zone enabled, you can enable it under the Roon Settings -> Audio tab on your mobile phone itself. If you wish this zone to be visible on your PC, you will need to disable Private Zone in your Device Setup tab.

Do let us know if that helps!

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That was the selling point of the Audioquest Dragonfly Red And black , they drew less power and fitted Apples limits

Apparently the Cobalt draws even less power

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