Drangonfly red and Mac mini issues

Hi everyone,

So I’m running my core on a NUC and use several remotes and audio devices. In my Mac mini I have a dragonfly red that has worked seamlessly from the start. A few days ago, although it was enabled on the Audio settings, it’s not showing on the outputs. This happened after I used the dragonfly as an output on my Mac to watch a video. Long story short, after several disabling and enabling, Mac restarts I got it back on. Yesterday it happened again, for the same reason and no matter what I do, it I can’t have it showing on my outputs. Does someone have an idea how to fix this?

Tal problema já foi reportado inúmeras vezes por aqui - a equipe de suporte disse que uma correção do software deve ser lançada ainda esta semana.

@ricgf muito obrigado pela informação! Esperando que fique resolvido!

Hi @Luis_Pereira

We have released changes to address this type of issue — Can you confirm that things are working okay for you on the latest version?


Hi @Dylan thank you for the message!

So far yes, this hasn’t happened anymore! So hopefully it’s fully solved with the update!