Drive for the storage location not showing up [resolved, identical serial numbers]

When I browse for a storage folder in settings I can only see 3 drives: C G and I. The drives F H and C do not show up. How do I get ROON to view ALL the 6 drives? I use a Windows 10 desktop as my core
I originally used the H Drive as my storage device (External USB drive). I then attached an identical USB drive which is I.
I backup to this I drive. ROON seemed to switch the Storage drive from the H to the I. Now I want to use H, but it does not show up as an available drive on the left side (as I mentioned above), when browsing in the “Choose Music Storage Window”
Everything works fine on the I drive, but I wondered if ROON should find all the 6 drives attached when browsing for a storage device (Folder) ?



Just a hunch but are your drive letters actually assigned in disk manager or are the unassigned? Normally when formatting a drive you have the option to assign a drive letter…but I’m not sure what happens when you don’t.

Hi @Howard_Ipp ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. To help aide in my evaluation of this behavior you are experiencing may I kindly ask you to please provide some further insight into the procedure you had used with these drives.

“I then attached an identical USB drive which is I”

Are these two drives (H & I) identical (make and model)? Are you duplicating them, if so, how?


Thanks for the idea, but they are correctly assigned

Hi Eric

The drives are identical. I backup using an app called CASPER. This app sees all the drives as does Windows Explorer.

Here is a picture (Ignore the Teamviewer Box. ) I will try to remove all the 3 USB drives attached, restart ROON and the see what is finds. I’m not sure why Windows Explorer and CASPER see all 6 drives.

The pic is a bit difficult to read but it is displaying the 3 drives E (SSD drive), G (another USB drive) and I (The USB drive ROON has selected for the storage). C (The main SSD drive) H the USB drive I used to utilise for storage, and F (a regular HD) do not show.

Hi @Howard_Ipp ---- Thank you for the follow up and taking the time to verify that information for me.

Moving forward, could you please give the procedure found here a shot and let me know how it goes?


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Hi Eric
I read the thread and the explanations. Excellent information and I have worked out why ROON only sees 3 of my 6 drives.
The utility I use CASPER copies the drive exactly from one to the other INCLUDING the serial number.
As a result ROON only sees 1 of each, in other words 3 drives, the other 3 drives each have the exact VSN numbers of each of the visible drives, since CASPER has backed up the 3 drives and the serial numbers as well!

I have been unable to change the serial numbers of the drives using the utility you suggested I use. It does exactly what it should except the VSN will NOT change.

So I am removing the I: drive and will use only the H: drive. To backup the drive I will have to copy the data rather than backup the data.
I wonder whether ROON should stop using the VSN as an identifier. But possibly use another methodology as doing a replica backup as CASPER will do, causes this situation in the ROON application. Any chance of a change?

Thanks for your help, I suppose I will reformat the USB drive and copy.


I recall using Norton’s GHOST (is CASPER a play on that?) that older versions of windows would get crazy upset about the exact same disks in the system and spit the dummy something terrible…maybe after Win XP they fixed this somehow.

we are going to stop doing this … its causing more trouble than its worth.

Thanks that will be much appreciated!

CASPER is similar to many other backup apps imaging or backing up. So I would think Danny has responded and ROON are addressing the potential issue caused by these Backup programs.
Windows 10 does recognise each drive as a unique drive even with exactly the same VSN’s.