Drivers Merging Hapi Anubis for Roon / ROCK


are there drivers for Merging Hapi or Anubis with Roon Rock NUC? As I’ve seen there have been some discussions with this topic but I’m not up to date yet.I am trying to connect my NUC with Merging Hapi but I think there is no Ravenna/AES67 support.

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Is there any news on this issue?

Depends if @danny has been able to test the Ravenna Linux ALSA driver on Roon OS?

From what I read when the ALSA driver first launched, it’s not the most reliable driver but maybe it’s improved since then.

Hi, things have changed since then.
See Merging Technologies - Merging Audio Device

Hi. You have linked to Windows driver, which is not applicable to Roon OS.

My link is to current Merging page for Linux driver…

The only way to know if things have changed, is to ask someone that actually used the ALSA driver from the start and now…

Oh… yes I see. Well, we have to wait then…
I am going to buy an Anubis. My Roonserver runs on a Mac. There is a AES67 VAD driver for Macos. Will see how that works.
Thanks for your response!

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it seems that there is still no news for the operation of the Merging Hapi with the operating system ROCK. I would prefer it over WINDOWS and Apple OS. I’ve been running a NUC i5 for a few years now and it performs very well. There are no problems with drivers. The computer runs without problems. For this reason, I do not want to switch to another operating system now. Am very happy and satisfied with ROCK!

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While there exists a Linux Merging driver, I don’t know if anyone has it working as reliably as their Windows and macOS drivers.

Maybe @danny can give an update?

there is a modified Linux driver for the ROCK operating system. But this is only modified for the Merging NADAC.

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