Driving LS50W via Raspberry PI to group zones

Hi, i’m new to Roon but really liking the experience so far

I’ve done a bit of searching and found that i can’t group the LS50’s natively but that running through a PI might be a lower cost solution.

So i think i’m looking at a PI 4 and connecting it via USB to the KEF’s?

Any recommendations on the PI 4 spec and what software to run on it? (core? Roppieee? DietPi?)

i’ve a B&W formation Wedge and flex’s i’d like to group the LS50’s to, so my office, living room, kitchen can play the same music.

I can’t speak to your kit, but I do have three raspberry pi 4’s, the 4gb models. Two run ropieee and one runs a Network Audio Adapter for HQ Player. They are great bits of kit. They are on 24/7.

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i’ve not got into the weeds of HQ player yet! I literally ran Roon Server for my QNAP NAS and it all kinda worked:) I’ll check out some guides for Ropieee, what size and brand of flash storage did you go for?

I think I have an assortment of SanDisk Ultra micro SD cards. I have got one panasonic card which came with something (not sure what now), the cards have been shuffled around as I have tested and I have never noticed much of a difference.

Same goes for linear power supplies, I have an Allo shanti and HDplex 200w psu, and for convenience, I have plugged the rpi4’s into them from time to time, and I have not noticed any difference from the stock cheapo rpi supplies.

HQPlayer is interesting to play around and having a NAA on the rpi4 is really convenient. Ropieee is also excellent.

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Another vote for Pi. I have two Pi4 (4GB RAM) in fanless Akasa cases with the cheapest SD card I could find and the official Pi USB-C plug.

Cost per streamer is about £65 (in the UK) all in.

Simply install RoPieee and let the thing boot up and you’re good to go. Can then be easily grouped as they run using RAAT, Roons native streaming solution.

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Thanks for all the replies, I got a Pi4 4gb as suggested and heatsink case. Installed Ropieee and all good, play back via USB. I put a delay to allow all devices to sync as I was getting some tracks out of sync. Seems to work really well. Note to others and a very basic thing but switch on the speaker and select the output for it to show, oh and then enable it in Roon!

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