Drop out of music when playing Roon + Tidal

Hi, I’m running roon rock on an Intel NUC and has had little problems before.
Have been playing on my newly purchased Yamaha receiver with Dali loudspeakers.
Lately I’m experience frequent drop outs of the music for a second or two before music returns??
This is annoying to say the least
Need a fix on this or I will get even more frustrated and maybe cancel the service.
Any explanations, comments or solutions?

It would help us help you if we knew more about your setup. Are you running wired or wireless? How is the nuc connected to your Yamaha receiver?

BTW: Welcome to the community.

Hi, I’m running the NUC wireless maybe 4-5 meters from the wifi connected Yamaha N1200.
I have a naim mu-so (wifi Connect) in my living Room and also some sonos speakers in different rooms. Haven’t experienced this kind of drop out of music with my other equipment like the Yamaha in my Home office

Btw, Thanks for your welcome and quick reply!

Unfortunately Roon does not recommend a WiFi connection for the Core.
This could be your problem.
Is this from streaming service?
Are you streaming 16/44 or hires?
Any error messages when you get these dropout?

If possible, at least temporarily, wire your NUC to the router to see if that helps.

I’m sorry. The intel NUC is for sure cinnected to the router in my hallway only a few meters away from the. Yamaha receiver. I have not den any error messages?

So is it connected by WiFi or wired as there seems to be confusion there.
Let’s clear that up first.

Hi, sorry for the confusion.
The NUC is wired to my Telenor Router. All my equipment as Yamaha N1200 + Sonos speaker + Naim Mu-So is on wifi. But as I said, the only place I experience drop out of music is when streaming from Roon to Yamaha & speakers.

Happy new test!
Did you see my latest reply?
NUC is wired to router. Hi-fi receiver is on wifi.


I have everything on wired 10Gb Lan and is rock solid, no drops / lag. My Roon core is on QNAP TVS-871 and Roon End point on Teac UD-701N. Maybe try to connect your Yamaha receiver via lan to see how it goes?