Drop outs and skipped tracks

I’m a few days into my 14 day trail and I so want Roon to work for me but I’m having problems with reliability of playback. I’m using a Naim ND5 XS2 hardwired into the router playing music on a QNAP NAS also wired into the router. Previous to trying Roon I used the Naim app with Minim Server without issues. I love Roon but I’m getting a lot of dropouts. In other words the track is playing and suddenly it will cut out for a second or 2 and then comes back. Sometimes if the cut out is long enough it will just skip to the next track.
This of course is a deal breaker. There’s nothing worse than getting into listening to some music and it’s just dropping in and out. I end up just going back to the Naim app and playing the album from there.
Curious as to how Roon works. Although everything is hardwired apart from the laptop I’m using as a Core, is the music now streaming wirelessly thereby introducing wireless network problems into the equation? In other words am I now streaming wirelessly from the NAS to the laptop which in turn is streaming to the Naim? If not then why the unreliable streaming? Is there something I can do to improve the reliability?
I’m using a very high spec laptop as the Core:
Windows 11
|Processor|Intel(R) Core™ i9-10980HK CPU @ 2.40GHz 3.10 GHz|
|Installed RAM|32.0 GB (31.8 GB usable)|
|System type|64-bit operating system, x64-based processor|
|Pen and touch|Pen and touch support with 10 touch points|

And there is the problem. Of all the possible pieces in your chain, it is almost imperative to have the Core connected via Ethernet.

Some people get away with WiFi, especially mesh systems. Concerning your dropouts, it seems that you won’t be one of them.


I don’t fully understand how Roon works. Just pondering my options. Is it possible to use a desktop that’s wired into the network as the Core but control it from my laptop that’s on wifi?

That’s a shame. I so wanted it to work. Oh well, back to the Naim app

Yes, you can do that. It’s the Roon core that really needs an ethernet connection. Just leave your laptop as is and install Roon on your desktop. The first time you log in, it will ask you to deauthorize your laptop core and authorize your desktop core. You can switch back and forth at will by deauthorizing one and authorizing the other.

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Jim is correct but for clarity:
If your core is a desktop rig (preferably Ethernet)
You can use your laptop as a controller. It should be fine on wifi.
You’ll also be able to listen to music from the core on your laptop (assuming the wifi is decent)
You don’t need to do any re-authorizing unless you are changing which machine will be the core.

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@Neil_Huxtable, I have move your thread to the #support category so it gets seen by Roon @support.

You nay like to take a look at the following articles, but as other community members a pointed out, your core works best when connected to Ethernet. Nonetheless, there are things you can try to improve the situation.

Welcome to the community!

Thanks for your help and advice. I’m beginning to understand a little more now about how Roon works. I see I can use the QNAP as a core as well. That would be my preferred option as that is on all the time. I’ll give it a go later.

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Just shout out if you need assistance.

All up and running on the NAS, no problems. Just a little feedback from one newbie - I think Roon have made this much more complicated than it need be. Like many others probably, I have been used to streaming off a NAS using Twonky, Minim server etc. Coming to Roon you use terminology such as “Core” etc and how that is the “brains of the system”. You make it sound so sophisticated I thought to myself well this “Core”, I’d better put that on my super high specced laptop. Of course I was getting network issues so I had to post on here to be told you can’t (or not advisable anyway) have the “Core” on a wifi only machine.
Last night I tried putting the “Core” on the NAS and there it isn’t called “Core” it’s called “Roon server” and suddenly this whole complicated concept made sense. For the end user Roon server (“Core”) is just the same as using Minim server etc (I’m not saying Roon isn’t much more sophisticated but the process is the same).
I know it may be because I’m not particularly intelligent and I may be the only one, but the way the literature talks up the complexity of the program and uses its own terminology and how it is put forward as some new concept caused me to think the setup was much more complex than it was.

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That’s good to hear.

Yes, Roon Server, which has no GUI, is the Core. But Roon with a GUI can also be configured as Core.

This is explained in the help documentation.

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