Drop with Link2 (CM3)

Hello Harry,
For some time now, I have had a Link2 from Stack Audio (Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Rev 1.0) with RopieeeXL which regularly drops the sound.
The Link2 is connected via ethernet (cat8) to the Roon server.
Despite several attempts (changing network cable, switch) the problem persists.
I have a PI4 (wifi connected) on the same network which works very well.
Feedback : d73a75e54d2b4693
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Does Ropieee have the correct dt-blob for the Link/Link2?

Swap the CAT8 cable for an ordinary UTP cable.

Your log is rather short and show nothing out of the ordinary…

I suggest you leave the unit running, and after you heard a drop send me the feedback.
Without rebooting it.


Hello Harry,

Just after a drop


Hello Harry,

Another feed-back : 2f8b52d394a0bc65

Assuming we’re talking about Roon here…

Can you disable Airplay? In general the logs look ok, but I see quite a lot of Airplay messages that make it harder to spot issues.

Hi Harry

thank you for your availability

I use Roon,

AirPlay is disabled

Just after drop : fdea0a02ae460618

Just after another drop : b2dd3c6df05e4bf6

Hello Harry,

Just after drop : 51cef56ed39b48dd



Your logs show a ‘carrier loss’ on the network interface at 21.26.
Does that align with your observation?

And it happened earlier as well. This is strange at should not happen. Although it immediately reconnects, obviously the network connection is gone for a short moment.

As this is on carrier level you need to look this in the network side of things: bad cable, cable not properly connected, stuff like that.

Hopes this helps a bit in finding the cause.


Thank you, Harry,
I had already made some changes on the network side to see if that improved things, but I’ll keep looking on that side.
For info, here’s my network configuration
Wifi bridge with 2 ethernet ports connected directly to the streamer and to the Macmini which is dedicated only to Roon. The network cables have already been changed, and are currently Lan8-Ncf from furutech.

Hello Harry,
Is it possible to know the speed of the network card in the traces? Normally the LinlkII is 100Mb/s.
I’ve changed the network cable once again without success.


Have you changed the cable to an ordinary unshielded UTP cable? Also can you connect a switch to the access point and connect any components to the switch?

Thanks for your comments, what makes you think you should use unshielded UTP cables?

since i’ve had this problem, i’ve made quite a few changes, initially there was an extra switch, and more simple ethernet cable, the current configuration hasn’t improved things.
What troubles me is that I have the impression that it was updates to Ropieee that caused the problem, and since the latest version 2023.07, things are better, but it still happens.
I think I’ll go back to the initial version of Ropieee provided by StackAudio to see what’s going on.


Troubleshooting 101. Go back to basic principles and see if the situation improves. If it doesn’t look elsewhere and if it does reintroduce cables, isolators and any other enhancements in stages. I had streaming issues (audio and video) with CAT8 cabling. I rolled back to basic UTP cable and the issues stopped.