Dropbox Filling Up with Backups

Macbook Pro (OSX)**

Roon backups limited to 10 in the settings are filling my Dropbox account with no usable date information for the folders.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)


**Audio Devices (Simaudio Moon Ace)

Hello @Jason_Nilles, can you show me what these backups look like in Dropbox? How much space do you have on our account?

This is a screenshot of one of the hundreds of folders in my Roon Backups folders. I have 2.5 G and it is almost all Roon Backups.

Hello @Jason_Nilles,

I’d like to run this information by our team so we can take a closer look. In the meantime, you should be able to delete old backups in Roon by “Settings>backups>Find Backups>select folder” and deleting from there. I will return with more details shortly!

Thanks. Since there are no dates in the folders or files, I’m unsure of which to delete.

Hello @Jason_Nilles,

So if I go to the location specified in my last post, here’s what I see. Are you seeing something different?

I don’t see the Dropbox option but I do see my Macbook files.

Hello @Jason_Nilles,

I set up my own Dropbox for Roon a moment ago to make some fresh Dropbox backups and here’s what I found:

I went into Settings>Backups>Find Backups and chose the Dropbox folder from the app downloaded on my PC. If I hit “Select this Folder” here

I get my backups with the timestamps included

Do you have the Dropbox app installed? I don’t see the name in the file path on your last screenshot. Also, I started a new account for this test and while I keep a light database, these backup files are still fairly large compared to the amount of space I was given. Could you check in Dropbox and tell me the size of one of your existing backups? Thanks!

Your folders look nothing like mine. See below the screen by screen steps.

And here are the screenshots when using my Macbook…

Hello @Jason_Nilles, on this screen here you want to click “select this folder” and see if that gets you to the same place I’m at in my screenshots. Let me know!

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