Dropdown menu on android remote

Hi, I’m on my 10th trial day and very happy with the overall erperience so far.
I just noticed a minor “issue” with the dropdown menu or the lack thereof with android.
When playing on my tablet or phone as the output I have the usual dropdown menu to pause or skip tracks. When streaming to my Lyngdorf using the App as a remote though there is no such pulldown menu. Is this intentional?
I really like the ability to skip tracks while surfing the interwebs without swichting apps.
Devices are Samsung S5 tablet and LG G6 phone.
Maybe this could be implemented in the future?
Thank you.


Hello @Hagen_Rinde and welcome to the Roon forum.


See for example:

thank you, I didn’t see that.
Waiting for it then :pray:

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Thanks @BlackJack for being in the right place at the right time! We appreciate the help.

Hey @Hagen_Rinde and welcome to Roon (sorry it’s two weeks late :pleading_face:). I hope this issue we’re working on hasn’t prevented you from enjoying music with Roon.

Please, let me know if I can help with anything now :pray:

I’m enjoying Roon even without the pulldown menu.
So much that I subscribed for lifetime.
This little feature would be very appreciated though.
I hope this will be worked out soon.
Thank you.

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