Dropout Tracking Methodology?

As with another recent post, I’ve begun noticing dropouts that didn’t exist before. I searched “dropouts” and the discussion is a huge universe of “try this” or “eliminate that”, all basically suggesting a methodology like testing the doneness of spaghetti by throwing it against the wall.

Would Roon Labs put together a flowchart or flowchart-like outline for a. analyzing what might be causing dropouts in a user’s system, and then b. steps to take to fix the problem(s) identified in a.

In my own case I just began by noting that the dropouts occurred on some music and not others, then trying to figure out what was unique about the tracks where dropouts occurred.

From the numerous comments and solutions in the forum it seems that dropouts can originate in both hardware and software, and that no single solution solves everyone’s problems. A roadmap that lets users rule out common problems to differentially diagnose the source of their own dropouts would save us all a lot of time and frustration.

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Hi @robert_vanarsdall,

We do have a “general” guide to troubleshooting dropouts, but depending on a user’s specific setup we may recommend one test over another, this is a fairly detailed guide though:

Thanks! This didn’t show up in my search -

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