Dropouts after 11 months w/o problems

Nothing has changed hardware wise…
I have updated Roon to newest version each time (running on Sonic Transporter i5).
Dropouts are almost always occurring in the first 15 seconds
of a song.
Its happening in both Tidal and form NAS.

Any ideas?

Have you tried rebooting everything?

Any wifi involved…maybe some new interference or heavy use by family members?

No wifi involved except for control and no one sharing my bandwidth.

Well that helped quite a bit. I’ve only heard one drop out since rebooting everything.
Now my NAS files aren’t being seen but I’ll fight that battle another day.
Thanks for the suggestion.

A restart of my NAS cured that problem,.
To quote The IT Crowd “Have you turned it off and on again?”
Smart guys.

Keep an eye on that NAS – hopefully nothing is failling.