Dropouts and apparent crashes

Having audio dropouts and my Ropieee on a Pi 4 has become unresponsive twice. Feedback sent, 86b88b4a4221acce

Typically dropouts are related to network errors. Have you tried rebooting your network stack from your router outwards?

I assume you are using ethernet?

I’m using ethernet which has been rock solid for 2+ years. Along with the dropouts, the Pi locked up and became unresponsive twice, and only disconnecting the power was able to bring it back both times. I’ve got a small switch, uplinked to my core switch, at my desk, which the Pi and my desktop PC are connected to. The desktop PC has had no issues. So I don’t think it’s network. Hoping the feedback I uploaded will give some clues.

Might be an issue with your PI - I had similar and replaced my PI4 and the issues were gone…