Dropouts and jumped tracks


I am experiencing a lot of dropouts and in some cases Roon is jumping tracks after a pause.

I run Roon on a SonicTransporter version 2.2 with 1 TB of SSD. 10687 tracks and 675 albums.

Roon Server Version: 1.2 (build 165) stable

Roon Database Size: 999M

The SonicTransporter is connected via ethernet to a Draytek Vigor 2860 wifi router which in turn connects via 20M run of Cat7 ethernet to a Paul Pang Audio Grade (5 port) switch. A Totaldac d1 server Roon Ready device connects to this switch via cat7 ethernet.

Dropouts seem to happen with all material, both 24 bit and 16bit. Sometimes restarting Roon Server seems to help but dropouts usual start again.

I am attaching a Roon Server Diagnostic. Edit: how do I do this?

Hi @Guillaume_Boyer – sorry for the trouble here. Audio dropouts are almost always environmental, and we have a lot of information about how to troubleshoot them here.

Can you give that article a read, and let us know what you’ve tried so far? Your setup sounds pretty solid to me, so I would look into communication between the Sonic Transporter and the TotalDAC – if possible, simplify the network there, and see if the dropouts go away.

Let us know how it goes, and we’ll make sure we get this working for you. Thanks!

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