Dropouts and skips with Astell & Kern Kann Max

I have consistent dropouts and skips when streaming Roon/Qobuz to my new Kann Max. There are no issues when streaming directly from Qobuz, which suggests an issue with Roon Ready Kann Max and Roon. Can I improve the performance? While I can use Qobuz, I much prefer to use Roon.


I ve got the same problems.
with qobuz all works well but random dropouts with roon.
I ve made a second ssid running on 2.4 but it doesnt help.
maybe static ip?

Sorry to say but likely nothing will help much. A&Ks Wi-Fi implementation on these devices is really poor and they use old technology for the chipsets. That and Roon Ready are a mix that’s not going to work well unless your Wi-Fi environment is free of interference from other systems. I had the Kann Alpha it was a poor Roon experience and my wife is stable and doesn’t have issues with any other device with Roon or other apps. Now I have a Fiio M11 Plus it runs rings around it, steady as a rock, sounds as good and cost way less never once dropped connection. Also better looking device in my eyes could not get used to quirky design they have.