Dropouts & lost connection with Build 69 [solved]

After flawless performance, I am getting major dropouts after upgrading to Build 69. Server is NUC i7, 16GB RAM with files on Synology 1813+. Anyone else having this? Just got a lost connection error as well. I have re-booted server and client. Am I missing something? Thanks.

Hey @Harry_Jones – sorry to hear you’re having trouble here. None of the changes in Build 69 should cause this type of issue, although I’m wondering if some of the audio extraction processes that occur after updating are having an effect.

Can you confirm whether the spinner in the top-right (near Bookmarks and Search) has gone away, indicating that this process has completed?

You know, I bet that was the problem. I remember seeing the spinner sometime this morning; it is gone now and everything seems to be playing perfectly again. I will try to remember that next time:-). I just was not expecting to have the issue, but I suppose that the extraction had to be done again due to the change in database…
Thanks for the help!

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