Dropouts on Qobuz + KEF LSX

Im having the same issue with sporadic drop outs on Qobuz. KEF LSX ethernet connection. 70Mbps measured connection. It maybe Qobuz I’ll try Tidal and see if the same issues occur 44 16 bit stream.

Roon on wired iMac

HI @Kevin_Illingworth,

I’ve split your post into it’s own thread so that we can take a closer look at this issue.
Were you able to reproduce the behavior on TIDAL?

I’ve not had any issues with Tidal but I’ve been concentrating on using Qobuz as this is the service I’m going to be using going forward. Therefore I’ve not used it as much but when I was having issues with Qobuz I tried the same tracks on Tidal and they played without issues. I’ve not had any issues though for the last 24hrs.

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Thanks for the update @Kevin_Illingworth, if the issues return, do let me know!

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I’m new to Roon and a Lindemann Limetree Bridge and Qobuz user. I intend to add a pair of KEF LSX speakers to my home office setup. Has the reason for the instability of Qobuz noted above been identified and sorted.? I will buy something other than the LSX if not.

It’s been working fine since maybe one of those oddities that are fixed by restarting all the components in the chain.

I am experiencing this issue as well. Seems to only occur with Qobuz 192khz files. But not consistently. I have roon radio going right now and weirdly it’s only happened on 2 Bob Dylan tracks from different albums, and one Rolling Stones track so far.

Edit: Also I should mention I’m using an intel NUC roon core and my LSXs are hardwired to ethernet.

It started stalling for me as well I had to down to it to 98khz. All hardwired as well.

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