Dropouts with both streaming and local files

Recently I experienced lots of drop-outs as described here. Happens with streaming content from Qobuz as well as with ripped CDs. I’m still using WiFi and recently got a new router from my cable provider, so I thought, that might be the reason. But measuring the WiFi signal at the precise location of my audio device showed that it is very strong and stable while playback is intermittent. It got that bad that I went back to playing CDs for now.

In my case, I have been using 1.8 from the start, so if it is an update problem, it’s likely caused by the latest update to 1.8. Can’t remember having udated myself, but it might have happened automatically…

Hello @Andreas_Melzer,

We’re very sorry your music listening experience is interrupted…:sweat:

We’d love to help. To that end, could you please use this article as a guide to share more details about your setup?

Thanks a bunch :pray:

I’m having the same issues since updated to Roon 1.8. I thought the problem is with streaming Radio & Tidal only, have not checked if it happens to local files as well. I just submitted a help request.

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Roon Core: Mac mini (Late 2012), 16 GB RAM, Mac OS 10.15.7, internal 250 GB SSD, external 8 TB SSD (connected via USB), connected to Ethernet switch (so no WiFi here).

Roon software version: 1.8 (build 806) stable. RoonServer.app installed as well and running when listening (while Roon.app is closed), controlled via RoonRemote on an iPhone SE (1st generation), iOS 14.7 (just updated today, was previous version when problem was first experienced). RoonRemote should be the latest version since it gets updated automatically from the App Store.

I have a Qobuz Studio subscription.

Library: Roon reports 1321 albums and 18407 songs. Local files are either in the default music folder (on internal SSD) or in a folder on the external SSD. Own CD rips or other audio files go there, purchases from Qobuz automatically get downloaded to the default music folder. Right now, most music in my library is streamed from Qobuz.

Router: Fritzbox 6591 Cable, connected to above mentioned Ethernet switch, but also providing a WiFi mesh together with a Fritz Repeater 2400 (in room, where audio device is located) and a Fritz Repeater 1750 (in another part of the house)

Audio Device: Lyngdorf TDAI-3400, connected via WiFi (next to repeater 2400).

Problem as described earlier in this thread: many audio drop-outs, no matter if streaming from Qobuz or playing local files. Measuring WiFi using ‘Fritz WLAN’ app on iPhone, placed directly besides audio device, shows strong signal and no lost WiFi connection at the same time, when audio drops out.

The Fritzbox is new, provided by Vodafone as part of an upgraded subscription plan. Before that, an older Fritzbox was in use. I had much less drop-outs before the change. So, there is the possibility that now something is misconfigured, but I cannot find it.

What else do you need to know?

Right now, I have reinstalled the Roon software on the core machine. I will test an Ethernet connection for the audio device (instead of WiFi) also.

Have you run any speed tests? Your signal level will be high because you have a repeater in the same room. The question is: what sort of signal is the repeater picking up from the main router?

If it’s poor, then it’s the old GIGO addage - Garbage In, Garbage Out.

Speed testing will give you an idea of the actual available bandwidth.

Roon is bandwidth heavy, and lack of bandwidth in networks seems to be an all too common source of disconnections and drop-outs.

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Average: 224,3 Mbit/s, strongest: 247,1 Mbit/s, weakest: 211,8 Mbit/s…

This is with a device connected to the repeater and running a speed test back to your ISP, for example?

Are there many other devices sharing the same network?

This was measured with just the iPhone connected to the repeater. Nothing else on the WiFi right now.

EDIT: I measured again while streaming from Qobuz to the audio device (ROONready connection). Same result.

This is not measuring internet connection, just the WiFi connection to the router.

Hi @Andreas_Melzer ,

Can you please try sending the audio stream to your System Output zone on the Mac and verify if you also see issues for this zone (Mac’s internal speakers)?

See your Lyngdorf is connected by Wifi. Maybe you should try Ethernet and see if this improves things.

I’ve no doubt ethernet would improve things - it’s full duplex and not competing with other devices or having to deal with interference or distance from access points in the way that wi-fi is.

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I am testing the Ethernet connection right now. I had always planned a wired connection anyway, but WiFi was the easy way to start, because there is no Ethernet in the room where the audio device is located. For now, I have to get it from the next room using a 25 ft patch cable (Cat5e). Not a long term solution, not sure how to do it. But so far no drop-outs (listening about 90 minutes)…

I normally run ethernet cables under floors or above ceilings, or via the loft (attic). I did have to run one cable above the ceiling, but the floor above had just been laid with new wood, so I fed the cable above the ceiling and cut small notches in the plasterboard where the cable had to cross the beams. A little filler, sanding and paint and there’s no sign the cable is there.

What type of cables should be used, especially for longer runs? I hope, I don’t need to upgrade to audiophile ethernet cables and regenerators and what not… My in-wall cabling is 20 years old (circa 2000). Maybe that is the reason, my LAN speed is only 100 Mbit/s? Much slower then my WiFi… but you were right: the repeater next to my audio device has a weak connection to the router.

@Andreas_Melzer I have sent you a PM.

Thank you, very helpful! I will answer later today.


I’m having the same audio dropout issues, and have been communicating with rebeka. After further investigation, it seems to be a RAAT issue with certain endpoints.

I’m having dropout issues (radio, Tidal & local library files) with the Devialet D250 PRO “Roon Ready”, which is my main 2Ch system. It starts around 5 to 10 mins into play, once it started, it keeps repeating randomly every few minutes, sometimes multiple dropouts within a song, which makes it unusable.

However, there seems to be no dropout issues with Meridian M218 and Devialet AIR endpoints which are on the same network. It’s strange since Devialet AIR input works on the same Devialet D250 PRO device, which seems to point to some issues with Roon 1.8 RAAT protocol with the Devialet Expert “Roon Ready” endpoint.

Best Regards.

Are you using ethernet or wifi? Since I switched to ethernet for testing at the end of last week, I didn’t have any dropouts. I did however do a complete reinstall of the Roon software and a factory reset on the Lyngdorf too, so it might not be ethernet instead of wifi that did the trick. We will see…

I’m using Ethernet, having dropout issues with both streaming (radio & Tidal) and local library files when I use the Devialet D250 PRO “Roon Ready” endpoint.

It’s obviously not a networking issue since Devialet AIR input has no issues with the same Devialet 250 Pro device.