Dropouts with Linn DSM


Did you ever resolve this issue?

I have a friend with similar setup: Roon Core, QNAP and DSM as streamer. He also have similar problems with strange clusters of dropouts.
We did a longtime test with my DS/1 as streamer, but everything else stays the same. He could not notice any dropouts using the DS/1. Switching back to to the DSM and the droputs comes back.

Linn asks for a verification test using Kazoo for the DSM which gives no dropouts whatsoever. Both Tidal and own library tested.

To say the least it’s very frustrating.


Hi @Tomas_Prybil,

I have split your post into it’s own thread as to better assist.
Can you please provide some more information here?

  • What is the model of the QNAP?
  • What is the network setup like, can you let me know model/manufacturer of all networking gear?
  • Does this behavior occur for any other zones or just the DSM zone?
  • How often do the dropouts occur?
  • Is the latest DSM using the latest firmware? I would use Konfig to check this aspect.
  • Do the dropouts happen regardless of local/streaming content or does it occur more on streaming content?
  • How exactly are the dropouts occurring, does the track get stuck at any point and playback completely fails or does playback stutter?


I might have spoken too soon.
We upgraded the DSM to latest fw version and voila the dropouts seem to be gone.


Hi @Thomas,Prybil,

Thanks for the update here and glad to hear that installing the latest firmware has resolved the issue!

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