Dropouts with Roon 1.5, Linn and DSP

I’ve installed the latest Roon 1.5 and upgraded to the Linn beta.
My Roon core is in a Synology. I’ve a convolution filter in the DSP.
Now, with the direct streaming, I’m experiencing continuous dropouts, that in the previous configuration I wasn’t experiencing. Synology CPU is very low 3%-4%. Roon speed is around 20-25.
Can you help me?

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Hello @Riccardo_Zulian,

Can you provide some details about your networking configuration? What sort of networking hardware do you have between your Synology Roon Core and your Linn Majik DSM? Here are two troubleshooting steps that will help narrow down what could be causing this issue

  1. Move the Linn Majik DSM to a different point on your network. I would get it as close to the Core as you can, and then use the headphone port to check if there are any dropouts.
  2. Try using the AirPlay protocol to play to the device and see what the behavior is. Since AirPlay will automatically reduce the bit depth to 16 bits, this may indicate a performance bottleneck somewhere in the system. If more troubleshooting is required, looking at your Roon logs may give you some answers.


Hi @John,
the Linn and the Synology are connected to the same Gigabit switch via ethernet. The Synology is in the room where the switch is located. The Linn is the adjacent room ( 4-5 meters).
I doubt can be a networking problem. The Synology usage is very low.

Using Linn streaming with filters: dropouts.
Linn streaming with our filters: no dropouts.
Airplay : no dropouts.
I’ve the log with the 3 use cases. I’ll send you the link

Hello @Riccardo_Zulian,

Can you confirm that this behavior is occurring with all of the DSP options in Roon? To do this, please disable the Convolution filter, and just enable “Headroom Management” with a value of ‘-3’.


Hello @John,
No dropouts enabling only the Headroom management.
I this can help, with convolution filters enabled, If I enable “Sample Rate Conversion” and change sample rate to “Max PCM rate”, then I get processing speed at 3.4x (instead of 22x), but no dropouts.
I’ve to mention that dropouts in the standard use case seems to be very regular (one dropout every 3.5/3 secs)

Hi John,
Did you have a chance to look into this?

Helo @Riccardo_Zulian,

We have been able to reproduce some inconsistent behavior with the convolution filter + Linn zones on our end. The development team is looking into the matter. I don’t have any information on when a fix can be expected, but it is on our radar.


Snap! I just got a brand new shiny convulsion filter, which sounds great, except…damn! - I’m getting the same dropouts with Linn streaming. Same thing as above. Every few seconds.


Except that enabling sample rate conversion for me doesn’t prevent any dropouts like @Riccardo_Zulian is reporting.

Oh, man, I have a feeling that nothing will happen with this until the next build, or patch, or whatever. :(:confounded:

@john sorry if I sound impatient (after all, I just posted 9 hours ago), and I hope my last sentence doesn’t portend the future. So, being that it’s on your radar, what does this mean, do you know? Is it an issue that would need to be discussed with Linn, or is it on the Roon end, only?

I guess I’m just trying to get a feel for what to expect, since the difference between using the old method of the UPnP bridge versus the Linn integration is night and day SQ, in favor of Linn integration in 1.5. When using the convolution filter with the UPnP method, sure, it works without dropouts, but it was never apparent how good the Linn integration would be, until I heard it. Now it’s difficult for me to listen via UPnP, it’s that good. So, a bravo is in order on that front, but that I can’t use the convolution filters makes for a rough listen. sigh

I guess I’m just seeking a little clarity.


Hey Nick,

The ticket on this is open, and it’s in our backlog – my assumption is that this will be an issue we can resolve in a future Roon update, but I can’t guarantee that until our developers start work on this issue.

We’re going to take a look at this as soon as possible, but unfortunately it’s not really possible for us to provide a timeline or ETA on this kind of thing. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the trouble here!

Thanks, Mike. It’s appreciated. I’ve done plenty of documentation for software development in my time, so I know how it can be, whether you’re doing sprints/agile, waterfall, or whatever, in the development methodology. Your answer gave me some insight. The ol’ backlog, I know! Haha!

Okay. I’ll just cool my heels and reckon it will get worked out in the end. This is a new integration, and I know Linn users are but a small part of the overall picture. I’m a hardcore Roon devotee, and I know you’ve always come through.


Same problem here. Also synolgy nas (1517+) with Klimax DS/3.

Convolution filters created with REW at 44.1kHz. When creating convolution filters with REW at 174 and 192 kHz (put in one zip) music files played at 44.1 seems OK, but then with 92 kHz music files dropouts come back (but less). Roon up/downsamples the amount of taps in the convolution file so maybe there lays a cause?

Hope this extra info helps,

I have a feeling that this is going to take a long time to correct. * sigh *

I shouldn’t be such a pessimist, but I’m just now getting my system to sound right. I never realized how harsh sounding the UPnP bridge method was. I mean, I did, but the contrast now is even more obvious.

I have the same problem with linn majik and convolution filter in Roon

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Me too. Same problem here with Akubarik dsm.
in fact i will buy roon life time membership, but now only this convolution filter problem in the way. Roon, pls solve asap.

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I’m not sure what you’re saying.

Okay, so if I bundle the filters of 192kHz and 172kHz, the Room convolution engine will play 16/44, 172, 192, without dropouts, but 96kHz will dropout?

Is this with our without MAX PCM upsampling engaged?

I am on a short vacation now so I can’t check but by memory 44 plays fine also with upsampling (factor 2). Higher then 44.1 will give dropouts. Your discription to make the convolution files is right.

No dice. I couldn’t get it to work. This is basically fucked. :frowning:

Has anyone reported of successfully using convolution filters with Linn DS without dropouts? I plan to create a convolution filter for my setup but when reading the reports here I get pessimistic about my chances of succeeding any time soon…