Drops outs to Chord Poly

I’m a new user so forgive me if this topic has been covered before.

I having problems streaming over wifi to my Chord Poly. It works for around 20 minutes then just stops. If I hit play again (using Roon Remote on my iPhone 6S+) it usually starts playing again but it’s getting rather annoying. I’ve used jRiver to stream previous and had no such problems. The Chord Poly lights still indicate it is connected to the Wifi and there does not appear to be a wifi dropout when this occurs.

My main system in a Win 7 PC, with all my music files stored on an internal drive.

I also use Rood direct by USB cable to a Chord Qutest which plays without problems. However, this morning Roon stopped displaying a message saying it was looking for the Core. I had to click Set up Roon Core on This PC Option to get things going again. A little worrying?

Hi @John_Birch ---- Thank you for the post and sorry to hear of the troubles! The feedback is very appreciated!

Moving forward, to help aide in our evaluation of this behavior you are experiencing may i very kindly ask you to please provide the following information:

  1. Since noticing this behavior have you rebooted not only your core device but also the poly and any relevant networking hardware?

  2. Describe your network configuration/topology being sure to provide insight into any networking hardware you are currently implementing. I want to have a clear understanding as to how your devices are communicating and all the tools involved with making those connection possible.

  3. Are you noticing any patterns in behavior when the stop occurs?


Both the PC system and the Poly have been rebooted/restarted but the problem persists.

Not sure what you mean my network topology. I have a BT Hub Router on hi-speed internet. I have networks set up on 2.4 and 5 GHz, and a booster in parts of my cottage.

Having the same issue with my Mojopoly.

Hello @John_Birch,

Can you please provide the model/manufacturer for your Router, model/manufacturer of any switches, range extenders, powerline adapters, ect? Does this behavior only occur when you are connected to the cottage booster or does it happen when you are connected to the primary router? Have you rebooted your Router and any networking gear yet? I would give that a go as well. Please let me know the above info when possible.


Hello @John_Birch & @Christopher_Boehm,

Chord is in the process of finalizing a firmware update for the Poly that should address some issues relating to Roon Ready playback. Unfortunately, I do not have a specific release date at this point in time.



OK, thanks. Good to know the issue is being worked on and Poly may eventually move into your “certified” category.

I too am having similar issues with dropouts on my Poly Mojo combination. Chord advertises poly as Roon compatible, but ! keep receiving the following message and that files are loading too slowly from [source], where [source] is either of Tidal or my file server. Neither source has that issue at any other time.


Handy device, but not if it keeps dropping Roon.

Is there an update on the progress with certification for Poly?


I cringe every time I see a Poly thread pop up. I sympathize with anyone involved in Chord’s Poly beta testing fiasco. Pretty much every review summed up by saying “sounds great when it works.” With my limited time with it (before I moved to the Hugo 2) all I can say is that you need a rock solid network, and a ton of patience…and it will still only work part of the time. If you’ve bought it recently, return it immediately for refund. Do not hesitate. Empty promises from Chord for well over a year now and they will always, always, always deflect, placing blame on a networking issues when all your other network devices work without hiccup. I appreciate @john being diplomatic in his response, a little evasive and putting the accountability squarely on Chord (deservedly so). But, do not for a second think that a fix is forthcoming.

Ps. I loved the Mojo and my Hugo 2 even more, so nothing but love for Chord…but you got to be crazy stupid to buy a Poly if you’ve spent even a couple of minutes researching this thing over on the head-fi thread.

@guerph Thanks for the feedback and encouragement - I had mixed feelings and needed more information to move in one direction or the other. I am within the return period so I will return it.

Given my rewarding experience with Mojo I am surprised that I would have this disaster of an experience with Poly. I was looking at the Hugo 2 prior to Poly - guess I will start looking again …

FYI - I’ve almost given up with the Poly and it may yet end up on eBay. It’s such a palaver setting it up each time. Sometimes it connects quickly other times it takes several attempts and far too long. I’ve started using Google Chromecast Audio devices now, which although need and AC power connection and only stream at 24-96, actually work far more reliably and great with Roon. It’s a real shame since I have a mojo and Qutest and as DACs they are both brilliant. I just hope Roon will continue to support Chromecast audio now that Google have announced it’s demise.

they have only killed the puck not the software and that is what roon supports.

Yer, but if the puck is no longer available to buy, will Roon continue to support it indefinitely ?

yes if you search the forum they responded to the effect of “it just runs chromecast, we support chromecast”
Obviously much more detailed than that.
Google are still working on the chromecast

Thanks for pointing that out, but having read the thread it seems that there is a problem with 24-96 and above on GCA anyway (which I had noticed too) which is probably never going to get fixed now. So if Google isn’t going to support it, I doubt it will get much further work done from Roon sadly. Shame, it looked like a great cheap option of streaming to non-Roon compliant devices. I guess it’s still fine if you limit it to 16-44.

That response was about the bug and that they are still working on it.

Are they still working on it. Have the same problem.

Iv had no problems with mine in the last year.