Dsd 256 is Not working

I started to use roon on my Mytek Dac plus on my Windows 10 Musik Server. However dsd 256 is automaticly convertet to PCM 384 .

Dsd 64 and 128 is working

ARe you running the Windows ASIO drivers, and/or have you enabled the ASIO audio device?

I run the Asio driver from Mytek. At least i have installed them. With Audirvana 256 dsd is working

and/or have you enabled the ASIO audio device…
How can i do this?

I mean in Roon. Settings Audio, you should see the ASIO device there. Click the Blue Enable button and then once enabled select it as Roon’s output.

Also, Go into the Device settings and make sure that you are using Native and not DoP.

Pic below of my system Roon Settings Audio

Pic of my ASIO device settings

Thank you, but trial is expired. I thought if i stop , and restart remainig time can be used.

Updated the lizens, changed the setting, After That roon Is Frozen and i cant use the Dac