DSD 5.1 On the ROCK?

Hello ROON

Using this ROCK…NUC i5BNH > IFI DAC i NANO
Bought several DSD in 5.1 format…how do i play this trough the ROCK?
Ofcourse iv have the A/V to handle the format


Hello @Morten_Valbjorn,

Are you trying to play the 5.1 DSD files to your iFi iDSD nano or to an A/V receiver? If you are trying to play to the iFi DAC, we will automatically convert the 5.1 DSD to 2.0 DSD for playback. If it is an A/V receiver, I will need more information to be able to tell you if things will work. What model is the A/V receiver?


My A/V reciever is

Hello @Morten_Valbjorn,

Unfortunately, I do not believe you will be able to play DSD files to the Onkyo NR656 from a PC or Linux computer. Since there are no HDMI drivers on Windows or Linux that support native DSD, you have to use the DoP format for DSD on HDMI. As far as I can tell, the Onkyo will not decode a DoP formatted DSD stream via it’s HDMI inputs.

When you play a DSD file to the Onkyo via HDMI connection, Roon will automatically convert the stream to a high resolution multi-channel PCM stream. This should still provide excellent sound quality.


Is the 5.1 DSD to 2.0 DSD for playback a direct conversion or does the DSD first get converted to PCM and then later back to DSD? Thanks.

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