Dsd 512 on MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro 2020 intel i7 16g ram, sad drive for roon core, sonore

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
WiFi over bt home hub 6 , Ethernet to sonore optical rendu into gigabit Ethernet port on by home hub 6

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Chord Hugo tt2 , usb connection time sonore optical rendu

Description Of Issue

I can’t get Roon to upscale to dsd 512 only 256, both my optical rendu and Hugo tt2 are dsd 512 comparable, can anyone help?

Generally, you cannot output DSD512 to a Chord USB DAC from a Mac or Linux. For DSD512 to Chord, you have to use Windows.

Chord internally converts the DSD to PCM. If you successfully upconvert PCM to DSD512 to send it to Chord, you’re actually doing double conversions.


Thanks for the reply, now you say that I remember that it’s the case with chord and dsd, Rob Watts doesn’t like dsd as he says it’s noisy, his opinion. I like the sound of dsd personally, would you say it’s pointless up scaling in dsd only pcm? I would say that I find upscaling in pcm has an almost deleterious effect on micro dynamics .

No, I would not say that. If you bought Chord because you like the Chord internal upsampling, then having Roon upsample first before it might lessen the benefits of the former. Anyway, it’s the result and your own preference that matters regardless of what theory says.

For 16/44.1 music you could try the following and see what sounds better to you:

  1. 16/44.1 bitperfect output without Roon DSP
  2. Roon upsample to PCM 705.6kHz
  3. Roon upsample to DSD256

If you do this test, please let me know your results.

I’ve found that Roon upsampling anything above 352khz removes some of the micro detail and delicate transients from the music, also less authoritative, strange, I’ve found 44.1 and higher native frequencies Roon upsampled to dsd 256 improves tone in the mid range and bass, and maybe a slight improvement in separation, 44.1 sounds like it has more micro detail and air but less rounded and fine in terms of bass and mid. There is a slight loss with echo’s,reverbs and quiet sustain aspects from instruments, hence why I wondered if dsd 512 might cure this.

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