DSD capable iOS app recommendation

I want to listen to DSD and hires flac files from my iPhone using an OPPO HA-2SE portable DAC.

Can anyone recommend DSD and Hi-res Flac capable music player software for iOS

I have read about ONKYO and iAudiogate but recommendations are welcome. Thank you

iAudiogate is what I use with an iPhone 6s and Chord Mojo
has a nice, clean, UI, does very well all I need and the EQ stuff I don’t need/want is there but not on your face

tried NePlayer, highly praised on Head-Fi, and trashed it: doesn’t play AIFF and doesn’t read Disc# tag, mixing up multi-disc albums (unless they’re in separate folders)

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Is the interface user friendly?

I use HF player from Onkyo with my ha-2