DSD/DXD can be played on Roon via McIntosh M8000


I am using a Mac mini to connect via USB to the built in DAC of my McIntosh MA8000.

On the setting, the Playback sub menu, I clicked
"DSD over PCM v1.0(DoP) as DSD Playback Strategy, then DSD64 can be seen as Green colour on Bit-Perfect Format Support. Then I go to click “Up to DSD64” as Max DSD Sample Rate. Finally clicked “Saving Setting” to finish the Device Setup. However, it is silence and no sound after clicking to play album.

McIntosh has a pdf document in which they explain how to set up the connection with jriver for bitperfect playback. I tried to follow this, but am I correct that the roonspeaker control what I have seen here, will eventually be able do do the same?

Now I am using “Convert to PCM” as DSD Playback Strategy, sound is OK.

Any thoughts, just be patient or am I doing something stupid?

Hi @Ellen_NG ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the wait here.

Moving forward, can you please verify for me that when you are trying to play DSD64 content via Roon that your volume is at 100% (in the application). Furthermore, can you also please provide a link to the PDF document you are referencing in your post.


Hello Eric,
Really sorry to give you this reply so late. Due to my McIntosh MA8000 was updated to C2600. However, I still got some problem about playing the pure DSD256 files via Roon to my C2600. Right now I am preparing the screen capture files, once everything ok, will send you directly.
Thanks for your help in advance.
Best Regards,

I responded in your other thread about your issue with DSD 256.