DSD files hang the Radio in 1.3

Is anyone having these DSD issues?

I am on Roon 32bit 1.3 (build 209), Windows 10 Home.

I have a number of DSD64 and DSD128 files. They are being downsampled to 352.8 khz PCM before being sent to HQPlayer. That is fine as we are in the middle of a move and it will be a while before I have access to a DSD DAC, but:

  1. The seconds elapsed and the timer bar on the waveform does not keep up with the music. It is maybe 20 times slower. When the next track in a DSD album starts, the focus stays with the previous track. The waveform for the previous track stays on the screen and the timer bar just picks up from where it had stopped on the previous track.

  2. I have Radio switched on. When the last DSD track plays, radio hangs. Nothing plays. In order to get the Radio playing again, I switch it on/off and play a regular PCM file and then everything starts again normally.

Hi @Tony_Casey ---- Thank you for the feedback. Can you please provide me with the following screen shots:

  1. The signal path coming out of Roon when you notice this behavior.

  2. The HQPlayer settings being used.

  3. Your audio settings in Roon.


@Eric, thanks for responding. I made a use case with a DSD64 file:

  1. Signal path. You can see on the waveform that it says 15 secs. It is actually right at the end of a 2.11 min track and it should be showing 2 min plus.

  1. HQPlayer settings:

  1. Roon audio settings. I have DSP disabled, but I notice I have volume leveling on (which I want as I like to use the radio/queue). Should I enable DSP?

  1. Hanging radio. Roon picks a new track but the radio hangs and nothing plays. To get is going again, I switch the radio off, exit Roon, re-start Roon, re-start Radio and then just play a regular PCM file.