Dsd is on against n off again

04F85957-C9EB-4204-B145-E502E36206F4.thumb.png.6c33daaae01a037c13efb0938acf2bd1.pngI can’t get consistent dsd playback from HQplayer and Roon through ultra Rendu into oppo205. I had it working this morning but then I played a dvd and when I come back to it no go. The scrolling bar shows that it is playing as does the HQplayer zone. Nothing comes out though. If I switch in HQplayer to pcm then it plays but no sound with dsd.

Is is trying to put out 48k-base rate DSD? That is common problem with many DACs that they advertise such while not actually supporting it.

Problem is that I need to remember to shut down HQplayer prior to shutting off the OPPO.