DSD ISO Support

I’m not speaking for Roon however, having collaborated with the guys even before Roon as we know it existed … I can say is that they don’t invest in half measures … so if ISO support is added one day it will be fully integrated into Roon.

Please don’t interpret lack of commitment as dismissal / ignoring this request. I know Roon’s product development group review this request periodically.


I’m not sure anything more can be said about this. I’m closing this out until we make movement on this feature.

Roon still aren’t moving on this, however, I’ve reopened this topic and will be merging other posts discussion ISO support … so the history is in one place.

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ISO support has been asked for before (just search the forum), and my reading of the tea-leaves is that chances of support are slim. Same for Blu-ray audio, I suspect.

As for the search function suggestion, the search function already seems to account for misspellings; “daivd” is recognised as “david” for example…

However, the Roon Labs team read all the posts here, so it’s down to them what they will do…

I’m not trying to sound snobby, make is sound easy, or like this is bad software on its own.

But, why wouldn’t you do everything, and more than what competitors can do? I have to switch between JRiver and Roon all of the time. And, why should I have to if they can listen and either combine the two, or add these features.

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Perhaps because they have limits on their development and budgetary resources, and a prioritised list of what needs to be done? Rome wasn’t built in a day. Then again, they may have very well decided that they don’t want to build Rome anyway; Amsterdam is much more attractive… :grinning:


I agree. It needs to be a well thought out, and planned release. Hence, I’m just saying for future release. But the sooner the better! haha. Get off your a$$'s! just kidding Roon, you know I love ya.

For the same reason JRiver doesn’t add rich metadata and streaming services.


What? Rich metadata is cool, like I said. My point is, why not strive for more integration of formats, when that is what the metadata is actually for. Or am I missing the point of the software?

No, you are not missing the point. What you are in the midst of is ‘protectionism’ by the faithful towards someone who seems less than happy with the status quo.

It’s not an over-the-top request, it’s not something that’s impossible or should take some huge amount of coding time either.

A couple of points:

Many of us come from having used ‘Free’ software and for the most part are tolerant of bug fixes and the addition of new features. Because in some cases these are one-man-shows being done after work on their free time. This should not be the case with Roon, we are paying customers and actually have a right to at least want a functioning product. However, some maintain this ‘leave them be, thats a lot of work’ mentality.

In addition, in many cases these “Free” offerings provide more in the area of options than Roon. Also still being one-man-shows they seem to listen to their user base more closely and satisfy their needs more often.

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My point is that adding every feature known to man doesn’t make for easy maintenance and at a certain point value added needs to be considered.

Especially when SACD ISO files can be converted to dsf files which Roon and JRiver support.

But - as been discussed. Why should I have to? I pay for this, you pay for this. Foobar does it for
F R E E. Why not make it play everything, even if you can’t sort out the metadata part yet.

If it is in fact, too time consuming, collab with JRiver to add the video/iso function.

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Exhibit A.

This perfectly shows what I am talking about.

The thing is, there is no ‘maintenance’, you add the functionality and you are done. Its not a ‘moving’ target, iso support today will remain the same next week, month, year etc.

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Valid points. We’re on the same page here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying its easy. But, this is a major flaw in the software. Even suggesting that I have to convert anything, is preposterous.

And, again, it’s not cheap. JRiver - is comparatively.

Obviously, you think that the value that Roon is currently delivering is not worth its cost. It seems that metadata is no big deal for you. Fine, but that’s a goodly portion of Roon’s value proposition. Take

There are ideas, many of them good ones, big and small, that get floated here every day. There is NO WAY they can do them all, not even a small fraction. Not enough manpower, not enough space, not enough capital.

And let’s not forget risk. How many new customers will feature X bring? Can we get it right? Is it a sinkhole of a project? If we hire more people to build this out, can we shrink again when we’re done? How much existing coding and infrastructure must we rip out to accommodate the new request? Etc Etc Etc

C’mon, this is a naive perspective.

I recognize the fact they looked at it, but assuming not enough people care about it. When, in fact, many do - enough to comment on the subject. This is in itself a contradiction.

So, support it, and if everyone doesn’t use it. So what? A lot do. What will people lose if they don’t? Nothing. While we who do have rips, do.

Also, 1 track PCM CD’s split into tracks is supported by a library lookup function in JRiver, why not implement that first. Then, see if you can do SACD. Then Blu Ray, etc.

I’m a paying customer, I have a right to comment on this forum, and give them my suggestions.

How is this naive? To implement full functionality to a ever growing format/formats? To grow with it? To just say, no, is naive to the very nature of music, and music lovers.