DSD ISO Support

Check, if they have a demo available and see if it fits your needs.

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If you’re on macOS, TraX is way more user-friendly (and capable) than ISO2DSD.

PC - but thanks for the suggestion.

Edit: I don’t want it to convert to PCM in the chain. I know its debateable what the benefit is. But I would rather DSD stay native.

SACD ISO support would be great!

However, automatically tagging music correctly, with the right album covers, for everything, including vinyl rips etc, would be even better. Out of my hi-rez library of +10,000 tracks, Roon cannot even find the album covers for half of them. Disappointing. Would be substantially improved if used the Discogs database.

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I have converted lots of SACD Iso’s too.
There are still lots left
Right now I use either JRiver and/or Audirvana or Foobar to play Sacd Isos directly.
Still, it feels not right to me that I have to use other (much cheaper) software to play SACD Iso’s.
I sincerely hope this feature is added to Roon sooner than later.

thank you.

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Just curious why you wouldn’t do a batch convert via Foobar - just set it up and let it run over a weekend and it should be done?

Not arguing against the feature request – I’m a fan of full features, but realistically, I see Roon being very under resourced to meet most of the great ideas and burning needs already out there, so realistically, if you want your DSD through Roon, I think you’d have to convert.

I have a huge SACD collection. Already converted some 946.
Would love to have everything in one place. Lots of hardware is needed to separate and store all SACD’s into 2 and multichannel.
I hope Roon can be used soon to play SACD Iso’s directly.

That may be true.
But then, a one man show like Audirvana has no problem implementing this feature.
A freely available software like foobar had neither resource problems implementing SACD Iso playback.
Same is true for not over resourced JRiver.
That is why we are not asking something really tough to implement in the most expensive software for audio playback. This is a feature available everywhere else.

Download the program iso2dsd, available for Mac or PC. It will allow you to either convert an ISO file to DSD64, or, if you have an OPPO BDP-103 or 105, rip SACD to DSD64. Then Roon plays it like any other format.

Roon can’t be everything to everyone. If they even tried, it would be bogged woefully down by bloat!

Thank you so much for your advice.
All I have is a simple feature request to be implemented in Roon.
@danny didn’t say no to the request. He wants to be reminded from time to time. To not forget.

Fair enough. I think people are just opining that given the backlog of stuff people want and Roon’s apparently limited resources, with this not a priority and even priority things taking a long time, by the time Roon supports ISO, your great grandchildren may be using it!

I agree with the statement that Roon doesn’t have the resources to develop everything people want. But I disagree with posters who disagree with a feature by calling it part of bloat. So you’re not interested in it, therefore its implementation means the software crosses the line into bloatware.

Sure, I cannot say there is no such thing as bloatware, but to me that mostly means software that is overpriced because it contains a huge number of half usable features that no one really wants to pay for because individually those features don’t measure up. Usually IMHO when something is called or threatens to be bloatware, it’s because there is a portion of the users that just cannot figure out how to use it. I cannot figure it out, so it must be bloated.

This attitude is not attributed to you, but it’s an undercurrent theme here on the forum, usually in response to when anyone proposes that a choice be configurable rather than living with Roon’s hard-coded choice. So I guess what I am really saying is I want choice, configurable options, not someone else’s choice. And I would like to see Roon focus on the interface and features as soon as they figure out what is slowing Roon for a portion of the users, which seems to correlate to Roon scaling out.

As much as we may have individual priorities, wants and desires regarding what we’d like to see in Roon it should be pretty obvious to all by now that the folk at Roon dance to their own tune at their own pace. Our feature requests are considered and may or may not emerge, but like it or not, it’ll be if and when Roonlabs deem it a priority. I think this is more the crux of the matter than the perception of a small team.

I don’t see SACD ISO support that much as an individual priority, but more as a feature that many other playback software already have implemented.

Hard to disagree, especially with no visibility. I’d guess it is some of both: not huge resources, and a very focused, perhaps rigid (although that is not necessarily a bad thing) vision of the product.

To address “rigid,” this sounds bad, and it certainly can be frustrating where a user’s view differs, but what I may call “rigid” here will probably be later characterized as that laser focus that enabled success.

It is so easy to convert an SACD iso to dsf files, imho, I do not see a need for Roon to play the iso files. But, that’s only my opinion, and I surely won’t object if anyone disagrees.

I have no problem with your position.
I did ask that feature for my needs.
Your needs are most likely different and you have other preferences.

Easy is relative. For a couple there is no problem. Some 1000s are a challenge.
But then, I can live a good live with JRiver for my SACD’s.

I’m curious, is ISO to DSF any faster than ISO to FLAC? In particular I’m curious as it relates to extracting multi channel tracks from an ISO.

Faster? Not sure if it is faster, but, you are not really doing a format conversion like you would be if saving as Flac which is PCM. DSF is still DSD.