DSD ISO Support

How did the free software resolve this problems? Are this features even included in the free software?

Nobody asked for these features.
Playback would be fine. Just playback.


Sorry if my last posting bothered anybody - wasn’t my intention.
So back to exchanging opinions:

  • there might be thousands of different reasons why ISO support could be helpful for a specific usecase.
  • there might be thousands of reasons why somebody has ISO files.
  • If a user can avoid the effort of converting them in order to listen to them via roon, it would be a useful feature, because it saves time & effort. I read of users with 1.500+ ISO files in another thread.
  • Yes, for somebody, who doesn’t have ISO files it is an unnecessary feature. Which is true for ANY feature a user doesn’t use.

If you can you relate to the example I stated with Tidal support, you might understand what intention I had when posting the answer.

@Rugby yes, I read this thread too. As in my statement: nobody would be shocked if the options are limited with ISO files. In my opinion, the main reason for integrating ISO would be to listen to the pieces.


@Mikael_Ollars didn’t say that he doesn’t have ISO files. But he made a point by pointing out that there is software available that can batch-convert ISO files in single track DSF files.

From what I have seen, Roon devs are not willing to create a solution that creates a situation where there is different performace/specifications between different sources. In effect, setting up a second class existence for some source content.

Danny mentioned export issues, deletion issues. But, but album identification and other processes would also have to be modified.

If Roon were to tackle ISO handling, and to be clear they haven’t said they would not, I suspect that it would have to be up to a level of the rest of the software. Meaning, just adding playback alone probably would not happen. The solution for the other issues concerning ISO would also have to be addressed at the same time.

I think it depends how many SACDs you own. I already converted more than 1000. I know it is work and time lost. You need to buy more storage etc…

Nobody said that there are no downsides. I think every compromise comes with it’s downsides.

Which compromise?

OK - let me correct myself: For somebody who doesn’t want to use ISO files, it is an unnecessary feature. Which is true for ANY feature a user doesn’t use.

Also, I hope to have made a point that avoiding converting effort is a good thing.


As of now, that you have to convert the ISO files to be able to play the tracks in Roon.

This is no compromise. This is complete unnecessary work on my part. A waste of my time and money.

that sound’s compelling and I like their approach.
If they decide to support ISO in the future, the result would be much better.
But I’m sure most of the users who placed or supported the feature request would be ok with the compromise (to only support playback).

one last thing: i just sorted all the feature request entries by views.
I know this number depends on how long it was online already, etc.

Fact is, it is the top 5 most viewed feature request entry in the forum (with >25K views at the time of writing this reply; not including all the duplicate threads).

First, i apologize for using the term “you” in my previous post. It was intended as a generalization.

“If one has the skillz and equipment to rip one’s SACD, surely this person also have the tools and knowledge to make the rips usable in your preferred music playing software.”

For your information, i do rip SACD and prepare them for playback in several playback scenarios. The last one yesterday, as it happens.

And to elaborate why i think it’s a good idea to not delve into file management, which is the case here. The purpose of Roon is to probide the best experience playing back local media and streamed content from select streaming services. Also providing bit perfect playback on various hardware, ranging from a few dollars in cost up to five figure price tags. In adressing “left field” requests, Roon becomes more complex and demanding to maintain.
Please note, iso support is in my opinion “left field”, perhaps not yours, but i play back files in at least five different software/hardware combinations and only one of them support iso-files as far as i know, and that would be JRiver.

It’s all just my opinion, as stated. But i am equally entitled to voice up against a proposal that i feel would take up valuable developer time and resources, not to mention steering Roon off into another direction which is not what i signed up for.

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SACD ISO playback is supported by JRiver, Audirvana and Foobar.

You mean like local content :laughing:

shushh you… keep on topic. :smiley:

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Always on topic :innocent:

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Sure they do. But they don’t have to figure out a way to make the user experience the same in software as sophisticated as Roon. Roon does not want the user experience and feature set to be different based on the format of the music file(s). There are zillion things Roon does based on tracks that would either not work at all or be severely altered.

I am surprised that you are not at least a little bit aware of these issues and sensitive to why Roon would not want to tackle the problem for so few customers.

I am not really insisting in that devilish desire for Iso support. I just wake up when one of the few other lost sacd iso souls write about their uncontrollable desire to steer Roon away into that ISo abyss and suck all blood and time out the developer team.
I will work on my uncontrollable wishes.