DSD ISO Support

Converting SACD.ISO’s will not only take a very long time, especially when you have a very large music collection there is also another problem…

converting SACD.ISO’s to DSF will take 2.5X times more harddisk space…
If you have a large multiple TB music collection this will be a very expensive conversion, that not only cost a lot of time and money but will result in no quality playback improvement over SACD.ISO files.
Because DSF audio files will sound just the same as playback SACD.ISO files.
Therefore users want SACD.ISO audio file playback,
It’s space efficient and has the best possible quality
I will buy a ROON license as soon if ROON supports SACD.ISO playback


Most probably you might never buy a license if Sacd ISO support is a condition for you.
I think we ask for that feature since the start of the Roon Project.


+1 for .ISO support.


+1 for ISO support. Readonly would eliminate many of the problems, right? Getting tags from the ISO first - at a later stage it would be great to be able to add missing and correct faulty tags manually. No need to remove individual tracks or simliar actions.

Today I bought a lifetime license in spite of this glaring gap in functionality (for my needs) because I like what I see for the other audio formats. Later I may buy the 17TB extra disk space to unpack my ISOs, but I’m keeping JRiver so I won’t be using Roon exclusively yet.


I’m lifetimer, but iso support is really high on my Roon list. So +1


I tried Roon and really liked it but with no ISO support I cannot justify the purchase and will continue to use J.River. I am very disappointed at the rate in which Roon updates its software. I am checking in every few month to see if there is any progress with this feature and for the past year or so… nothing. I sure hope this gets prioritized.

I’m pretty sure that if you paid attention you’d see there are frequent updates and enhancements to Roon and that there are no plans to support .ISO or .CUE files.

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.ISO please. I have tons of it from SACD. I didn’t know Roon does not support it. What a pity indeed. Hope they add .iso ASAP

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Just in case you’re not aware the Roon Knowledge Base is a good source of information.
Check out FAQ: What audio file formats does Roon support?.

Could you help with batch convert?

I have to say I tried using ISO2DSD (one at a time on my MacBook Pro) and some of them turned corrupted DSF files. Either added white noise, or unplayable by either Roon or A+.

To my horror, I deleted the original ISO files, thinking I was done :frowning:

I do my conversion with XRECODE 3. It does all conversions you might ever need.


Thank you! I will give it a try.
Any special parameters I should consider?

They have a forum where information needed can be found.
In my experience it is the most flexible conversion program in the Windows world.

Roon has no intention of adding iso to here playback methods it obvois they cannot do this. To say it’s not needed or too many resources needed is a lie. There are many great features in roon already. Also be for warned anyone using a nas or internal drives needs to go to permissions and not allow roon to make Changes. Check read only. Now Ina bit an admin will say it never happened well that too is a lie in past releases it did. The point I am making is simple don’t let any player be allowed to make changes to your music files period
It’s a bad practice.
As for iso what software you use effects the sound of the new format you created period and if an admin says it doesn’t again a lie
A very simple way roon can support this method for iso playback is do it on the fly as jriver does. Why you don’t I don’t get but why anyone reading this needs to convert is not fair.
So admin don’t answer it will be more lies anyway.


Calling the Roon guys liers suggests that you haven’t read or understood their position on ISOs, and they have posted very clearly on what this is. It is certainly language that is unhelpful, and to suggest that Roon should not have a right to reply to such an accusation is disingenuous, to say the least, particularly when this is posted on their own forum.

I’ve never seen any comment on whether an ISO sounds different to a DSF stream from the same ISO. Perhaps you could back up this assertion with some evidence? It makes no sense to me since the ISO is merely an archive with the DSF embedded in it, much like FLAC files contain compressed WAV (PCM).

No one is going to suggest that Roon never changed files, it was documented at the time but Roon rightly stopped this feature relatively early on as despite some very clear warnings people still complained when changes were made.


Ok so when an admin told me it never happened period and now you admit it did is that considered lying?

When at the beginning of this thread and many others it was said it’s being worked on and then not being worked on is this lying?

As for sound there are numerous threads on CPA to show others comment on my observation.

Of the many wonderful features your team has given us a simple iso is a major one many would love. But saying it will not happen is a fair reply but stringing is along is not cool.

I’m struggling to find any reference from Roon where they say that that are working on ISO support, can you post links to those posts.

Personally I would prefer Roon to just say it’s not going to happen, rather than sitting on fence and possibly giving people false hope.

I don’t agree with your accusation that Roon are lying, but do agree that Roon should give its users and potential user a proper statement.

I think to remember that was said in the past. Dont remember the date though.

What I do is simply splitting up the Iso in DSF tracks. Thats an easy exercise with no sound manipulation.
I use the software Xrecode 3, which is also very usefull for any conversions you might need.

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Using an i5 PC, can anyone give a ballpark of how long it might take to extract a 5.1 tract from an ISO to DSF?

I find it depends on whether the ISO is on a local drive or on a NAS. Converting multichannel also takes longer (obviously) than dual channel.

Throughput locally is approx 3.4MB per second from memory. You should really spend a little time tagging the DSF as well, as the metadata are inconsistent and frankly poor on a lot of discs.