DSD ISO Support

But - as been discussed. Why should I have to? I pay for this, you pay for this. Foobar does it for
F R E E. Why not make it play everything, even if you can’t sort out the metadata part yet.

If it is in fact, too time consuming, collab with JRiver to add the video/iso function.

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Exhibit A.

This perfectly shows what I am talking about.

The thing is, there is no ‘maintenance’, you add the functionality and you are done. Its not a ‘moving’ target, iso support today will remain the same next week, month, year etc.

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Valid points. We’re on the same page here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying its easy. But, this is a major flaw in the software. Even suggesting that I have to convert anything, is preposterous.

And, again, it’s not cheap. JRiver - is comparatively.

Obviously, you think that the value that Roon is currently delivering is not worth its cost. It seems that metadata is no big deal for you. Fine, but that’s a goodly portion of Roon’s value proposition. Take

There are ideas, many of them good ones, big and small, that get floated here every day. There is NO WAY they can do them all, not even a small fraction. Not enough manpower, not enough space, not enough capital.

And let’s not forget risk. How many new customers will feature X bring? Can we get it right? Is it a sinkhole of a project? If we hire more people to build this out, can we shrink again when we’re done? How much existing coding and infrastructure must we rip out to accommodate the new request? Etc Etc Etc

C’mon, this is a naive perspective.

I recognize the fact they looked at it, but assuming not enough people care about it. When, in fact, many do - enough to comment on the subject. This is in itself a contradiction.

So, support it, and if everyone doesn’t use it. So what? A lot do. What will people lose if they don’t? Nothing. While we who do have rips, do.

Also, 1 track PCM CD’s split into tracks is supported by a library lookup function in JRiver, why not implement that first. Then, see if you can do SACD. Then Blu Ray, etc.

I’m a paying customer, I have a right to comment on this forum, and give them my suggestions.

How is this naive? To implement full functionality to a ever growing format/formats? To grow with it? To just say, no, is naive to the very nature of music, and music lovers.

Wonder how many people want Lyrics?

Anyone here sing along with their music Karaoke style at home?


lol - :sweat_smile::laughing:

There are a few users, relative to the 100K user base.

Your point being? Sorry, I missed it.

If there are only a few users wanting it then it won’t be a priority.

A few? How so? This forum is littered with requests for one track/iso support. Be it PCM, DSD, whatever.

Second that. I’d want to tour Rome and then return home to Amsterdam, stopping at Dampkring on the way to my house boat.


Maybe 50 users at most, be generous 100.
0.1 %
Roon don’t see the value but have said they will keep an eye on the request. Is that percentage enough to sway them or will bigger things keep getting in the way.
I’m not against it but trying to inject some realism into expectations :wink:

Oh I appreciate it. I’m trying to have a civilized conversation, not an argument.

1% that used CD’s and had to convert them to comply? I doubt it.

I think some of this could be the effect of the lifetime subscription. I think it has the potential to create a dynamic whereby the company chooses to develop towards acquiring new user bases rather than pleasing a user base that has already had its revenue maxed out.

Not saying I really detect that with Roon, but hypothetical. One area where this might be showing is the pursuit of hardware integrations vs. UI enhancements, albeit 1.6 definitely shows some UI work.

Actually I think us guys with huge ripped CD collections are going the way of the dodo. :rofl:


Assuming that 100% of Roon users post here…I’d say maybe 1% at best.

So take that 1% and spread it out evenly and you get thousands.

Out of those same folks ask how many use Lyrics.

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ok- what about vinyl rip integration then? Any single track rip, or cue file integration. That is what I’m saying, one large ISO or FLAC file seperated.

Honestly, that statement from Roon, says to me, we heard you, but we’re not investing in the time or money in what some of you want. How does that inspire confidence in your product.

A discogs or online database lookup perhaps?

Take some cues (no pun) from Foobar on that.