DSD issue with my Nuc

Hi guys
Another newbie question.
Before having my new nuc i5 8th gen yesterday, i was playing DSD 128 from my MacBook Pro to my Mc intosh MA 7200 via USB from Qobuz.
Today i did the setup the same way and choose to play DSD from my new roon rock to my amp in USB as well.
But no matter what, i have only the Qobuz définition with no DSD.
DOP is on and everything from the previous set up is the same.
Any clue why?
Many thanks in advance

There are no DSD files on Qobuz so I can only presume you were using DSP to upsample?

I have never seen a DSD stream from Qobuz, can you give me an example of an album you have streamed from Qobuz in DSD?

How were you playing DSD from the MacBook to the 7200? What software were you using?


Yes DSP, sorry wrong formulation,

Sorry guys just forgot to enable sample rate conversion…
So sorry :persevere:


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