DSD native on Audio-gd NFB 27.77 DAC

I used to run Roon core on windows 10 and has no problem with native playback DSD with ASIO driver on windows.
I recently set up Rock on NUC and then hooked up Audio-gd DAC via USB. I found that there is no native DSD support, it works with DoP, but I want to use native,
As far as I know, Audio-gd DAC uses Amanero combo384, my questions are:

  1. is there a way to enable the support of native DSD playback on this DAC?
  2. if there is such way, what should I do?

Thanks for any help.

The linux kernel would need to be patched if it is possible. Have you tried a microRendu or SotM, I think has the basic Amanero patched in. You should check with them about your DAC specifically though.

Or, you could just use Windows and not worry about it. Or DoP.

I haven’t tried neither microRendu nor SotM.
Reading through some other posts about DSD support, seems Roonlab has compiled xmos-native-dsd? not sure if that’s for internal test or not, but if they have a patched version, I would like to give it a try.

The problem is not the Linux kernel but the Amanero firmware.
With the latest firmware, it should work.
But given the risk for the update, the identical DOP to the native DSD is fine.
I have the same thing with a USBridge Allo (DietPi linux) and my Audio-GD NFB3 Amanero.


Thank you very much for suggestions, @Stef_Dahl

I just sent a post on Audio-gd forum to ask them if I can use firmware 1099rc1.
Let’s wait and see their response.

again, thanks!

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