DSD native playback in RoPieee

Just migrated from ordinary Raspberry Pi bridge to RoPieee. And lost “Native DSD” playback through USB DAC SMSL DP3. Can hear only “crackles”. Switched to “DSD over PCM”. Still have “lossless” color for signal. But I think that “Native” could be better, or is it the same quality as “DoP”? And what is the reason that RoPieee has less possibilities in DSD playback with the same DAC?

Ropieee uses the normal roon bridge application for the platform so I’m not sure why it would be different in ropieee.

What was the os you were using before rooieee?

Maybe a feedback to Harry would help see what’s going on. It’s under the advanced tab on the ropieee GUI.

With Linux based streamers, normally it depends on which DAC are recognized as native DSD capable in the Linux kernel, rather than the Roon Bridge app.


Harry is pretty good at keeping the kernels up to date hence wondering was the ts was using before

Maybe going to the beta channel is worth a shot to try

Fortunately, I made the image of previous OS. Today I’ll try to put previous SD Card into Raspberry and check previous OS version.
And maybe another reason. My previous installation didn’t have touchscreen. Before leaving Raspberry Bridge I upgraded system in order to support my new touchscreen. This upgrade made lots of changes to the system, but I didn’t tested it for DSD playback. Maybe upgraded for touchscreen support Raspberry Bridge don’t play Native DSD too, but I noticed this only with RoPieee OS installed. I’ll test this today too.

Send a feedback to this thread first so Harry can maybe check it out

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it’s the same quality, because DoP only encapsulated the DSD into PCM. So it’s bitperfect.
The only thing is, that (if your DAC supports PCM 768 kHz) only DSD up to DSD256 is supported, while native DSD until higher rates (DSD512, DSD1024,…) can be supported.

I suppose that Harry is a creator of RoPieee. Please, explane me how this feedback can be sent to him?

He will find it here if you post the number

@Neskoromnyi_Vladimir Harry reads these threads in the Ropieee area

Now I thoroughly compared RoPieee with my previous Roon Bridge for Raspberry. So,
Linux 5.4.83-5-SPCKFSH-v7+
Roon Bridge:
Linux 5.10.17-v7+
So, it’s hardly to say that RoPieee kernel is so up-to-date :frowning:
Bridge version is the same for both installations:
Version 1.7 (build 571) stable.
What I lost in RoPieee compared to Roon Bridge:

  1. Can’t use “Native” DSD playback - only DoP.
  2. Upsample to 352.8 and 384kHz is almost useless. Playback stops after 15seconds (Loading slowly…) and goes to the next track.
    For previous Roon Bridge I had both Native DSD and upsample up to 384kHz.
    Now I have two SD cards with both OS’es and open for further experiments.

Yes, I lost DSD256 format for DoP

Feedback ID c9bfe437a2f10d9c

So you make a statement about being up-to-date based on the version number? wow.
First of all: what @wizardofoz meant is that for native DSD a kernel patch is required. My kernel tree has a lot of those patches and some of them even made it to the mainstream kernel. Second, the reason RoPieee does not run 5.10 yet is that I have a policy to wait at least until .40 before I switch. The beta channel has a 5.10 kernel.


Maybe off topic…but…
Great highfive’s to Ropiee software an the developer.
My system plays natively DSD512 from ROON ROCK to Allo Signature on RopieeXL beta, without any problems, just plays


OK, I’ll switch to Beta Channel today and test 1)Native DSD and 2)upsampling to 384kHz.

My DAC supports only DSD256. I don’t have such “heavy” native tracks but I tested 4x oversampling from DSD64 to DSD256 and my previous setup based on Raspberry Pi and Roon Bridge played fine even via Wi-Fi. Problem appeared only when I changed bridge software to RoPieee.
Today I’ll try Beta.

I’m running native on rpoieee rpi4 to okto dac8 stereo das256. Also no issues to Oppo ha1 @256 or Oppo sonica @512 either

Do you run Beta?

I think, it will not help you, that other users with other DACs (all my topping DACs can use DSD native with Ropieee) are able to use Native DSD.
Try the current beta and/or ask Harry, if he can add a kernel patch for your dac (he’ll need than the USB descriptor string from your device).

The DAC is already in there as it uses the same id as the M300.