DSD Native Playback

Just installed a Bryston BDA-3 DAC that is capable of native DSD. I can get native from JRiver via ASIO, but with ROON server it insists on converting to PCM, even with Native set in the DAC options. Any help? This could push me back to JRiver!

Hi Scirica,

I’ve brought your post into Support where it can get some direct attention from the devs if necessary. Could you post a screenshot of the Output Settings for the zone you are using to your DAC ?

@andybob’s suggestion is right on. Lets see the settings.

If they look OK, @vova will be along to collect logs.

We have seen this work on many DACs, but we do not have that one in house, so it’s possible that there are device-specific quirks that need to be compensated for.

I want to know too. I’m thinking about replacing my NAD m51 with a BDA-3 just so that I can get native DSD.