DSD native playing problem with Jadis JS1 MkV dac

Dear Support Team,

I’ve recently acquired a Jadis JS1 MkV tube dac to use with my Nucleus + via the USB connection.During the setup, the Nucleus + displays Combo384 Amanero tag for my dac (after the card used inside) and Jadis brand is not in the Roon approved list.I don’t get neither the native option to choose for DSD playback or DSD256.I already know that with the same dac, some other users are successfully listening native DSD256.I’ve already tried the steps recommended in the User Guide (plug of USB cable,power off etc.) with no success. So right now, I’m listening the the DSD records only converted to PCM. Any suggestions or experience with this dac?
Thank you in advance for the assistance.

Using roon and a nucleus or other?
On the amanero site it seems to say the combo board only outputs 256 DSD with windows.
Output Format
I2S 32bit or DSD64,DSD128 - On Windows DSD256,DSD512 too

Ged, the user who shared with me his experience,has roon run in its custom-made
server with integrated streamer with no problem listening DSD native. For the others,
I was told by the local Jadis distributor,who alreaddy contacted Jadis France some help. Unfortunately Jadis dac owners are already few, the same owners with roon nucleus (+) are fewer.


Thanks for reaching out! DACs have different limitation on different types of operating systems and it sounds like this DAC can only do Native DSD on Windows via the ASIO driver. Have you had a chance to try this DAC when connected to a Windows Core or Roon Bridge PC?

Hi Noris, thank you for the guidance.I’m afraid my technical knowledge is very limited
but I have only Nucleus + and my Mac Pro at home and I’m not a Windows user.If I understand correctly from Roon Knowledge Base, in order to try Roon Bridge,I need to use my Mac Pro for Roon OS X Core and Roon bridge as well as a streamer connected to Jadis DAC.Is my understanding correct that I cannot use Nucleus + for
DSD? I don’t have any problem in PCM with my current setup.


On any PC which you install Roon Bridge on will expose it’s audio devices to the primary core via the network. Roon Bridge does not have a User Interface, and it runs in the system tray of operating systems.

Yes, this is correct, once you install Roon Bridge, the Nucleus Core should be able to pick it up through your Mac Pro. The Mac may also be impacted by the same DSD limitation though if the DAC only supports the native DSD on Windows.

Noris, thank you for the further explanation.I took my Nucleus + to a friend who also has the same Jadis DAC and it worked perfectly with native DSD. We suspect that the issue may be specifically with my dac or setup.I will report once when I find the reason of the issue.

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Just to close this issue with the reason and the solution. It seems that the Amanero card in the Jadis dac was not with the latest version installed. If you want to try or buy this wonderful tube dac, make sure first check two things: the version of the card inside and the possible noisy separate tube power supply.I had problems with both and I’m waiting a whole new unit to install in my system.Have many enjoyable moments of music with good health.

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Thanks for letting us know that the firemware updates have helped resolve the issue! Please do let us know if there’s anything else we can assist with and hope you enjoy the music :headphones:!

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