DSD not playing on Raspberry Pi (Dietpi) + Hifiberry Digi Pro

I don’t have a DAC that can process DSD, so I need Roon to convert the signal to PCM.

The only way I can get any sound when playing DSD files is by enabling DSP processing and the option Max Sample Rate. No other option or combination works. The main issue with this setup is that I have to manually deactivate signal processing when listening to other file formats in order to obtain the best signal path for PCM files.
I’ve also read the article at https://kb.roonlabs.com/Conversion_To_PCM but that still does not clarify the issue to me.

My main question is: shouldn’t setting up the DSD Playback Strategy to DSD over PCM v1.0 (DoP) or another option ensure conversion of DSD files into PCM signal suffice for audio to be processed by my Raspberry Pi setup?

Thanks in advance.

Well, first DOP is not a conversion to PCM it is an encapsulation of DSD in a PCM wrapper and your DAC still needs to be able to play DSD to play it. What you want, it go under Sample Rate and Choose Custom, leave all the PCM Rates set to Default, but set the DSD rates to convert to the PCM sampling rate of your choice. See below:

There is a simpler way isn’t there? In device setup simply set the first option to DSD playback strategy to Convert to PCM rather than DOP. Then you can go into advanced to determine how you treat PCM for the rest of your files. So if you have a 24 bit DAC your max bits per sample is 24, and if it tops out at 192k then set that too. That way Roon should not exceed your Digipro capabilities.

Thank you both. I wasn’t aware of the custom possibilities for sample rate conversion, but it works now! Much appreciated.

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