DSD on Lampizator DAC

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I use Lampizator Euphoria DAC capable of playing DSD, DSF up to 128. Checked the knowledge base, found topic Adding DSD DSF Support which led me to Does Roon support DSD?

but the answer was “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

The signal path shows FLAC 192 … although it is a DSF file!

Looks like a FLAC file, so if you want DSD sound from this you will need to use Roon’s DSP to upsample.

BTW - The article you wanted to access is way out of date and contains no info that would be useful to you.

Thanks Slim!

Could be I made a mistake, I was shure it was a DSD file! The hard disk is attached to Nucleus now, so looking through network settings I found new file. Maybe this is a better example … I do not want the conversion to PCM!

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You need to go into the Device Setup for your device and set DSD Playback Strategy to Native or DoP, depending on what your DAC can handle…

If you want all playback to be in DSD then you need to set some parameters in the device’s DSP menu.

Thanks friend!
I want DSD to be played as Native and PCM in original! Second step can be re-sampling PCM to DSD!

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Make sure that you have DoP enabled in Roon or SoTM config. The Lampi DAC has Amanero so if you do not have the correct firmware (>2004, I believe) you will not get native DSD support. Sending the stream via DoP is still native DSD and it will not be converted to PCM and back.

Edit: Sorry, I do not have any experience with SoTM so my above comment is just a guess.