DsD over PCM on Ps Audio Network Bridge 2

When listening to tracks through PS Audio Bridge 2, DSD Dac and an Ethernet connection with ROON. I notice a drop in volume/ Gain. Requiring having to raise volume setting. Other equipment used are Pass Labs XA-200.5 amps to drive mid level frequencies and hi level frequencies. Lows are handled with Krell 450 MCX monos. The Preamp is an upgraded Sonic frontiers Line three Special edition. With all the power to drive the 4-3 ohm speakers. I am not sure why other inputs to the preamp via balanced connections like a cd player ( PCM) sound more dynamic and needs less gain. Phono stages also provide more gain. Is it safe to assume PCM has more noise? and just sounds louder? Or Does the Ps Audio Bridge 2 drop the noise floor or Dbs?
Any one notice the same when using the PS Audio Network Bridge?
Gary G.

Balanced typically carries higher voltage, hence it’s louder.[quote=“Gary_Gallegos, post:1, topic:24449”]
Is it safe to assume PCM has more noise?

I don’t think it is the Bridge but just the Directstream Dac in general. I always have to turn up my amp when using mine compared to other sources.