DSD over PCM - silence issue

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Allo Digione feeding an Arcam irDAC-II via coax

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Hi there,

I understand my DAC is capable of doing DSD64 over DOP and I can set it up that way in Roon however when I press play the file does play and I can track the path, but there is no sound from the speakers. Is this something you can help with?


Try USB direct from ROCK. Many DSD DAC do not support DoP via non-USB input.

Thanks @wklie - that makes sense although I will need to move to another room to try as my NUC is squirrelled away in a cupboard, but I could switch streamers to test.

Ultimately I wanted to give DSD upsampling to this DAC a go, but not a deal breaker.

Maybe I’m reading a different manual. But…


From the irDAC-II manual. It shows DSD128 only over USB connected to a Windows PC with the driver loaded. I would email Arcam tech and ask them how to play DSD to the DAC.

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Thanks @Rugby - I will send them an email.

Hi @tahsu,

Looks like you’re on your way here with the steer from @Rugby but do let me know if there is any input you need from my end. Thanks!

– Noris

Thanks @noris - I have just emailed them. I will update when I know more.

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