DSD over Ropieee


I am using a Ropieee end point to feed a McIntosh C52. Everything works fine when it’s converted to PCM. When it’s DoP, I cannot go further 44.1 kHz.

Strangely, today, the C52 was properly receiving the DoP, showing DSD128 for a stream of this type.

But 15 minutes later (after a configuration reboot?), it stopped working.

A month ago, I was experimenting the same behaviour with my Naim DAC V1. It looks like the Raspberry 3B+ or Ropiee is having difficulty to stream high resolution file. What a really find strange is that it worked perfectly for 15 minutes today… I am using a wired connection.

feedback code: #### 0da4a9e40b051988

Any information?