DSD playback downsampling to 44.1k

New Roon user.
MacMini, OSX10.8.5
Roon v1.1 (build70)
DAC Burson HA-160D, USB connection (24/96k max), Exclusive
MIDI set-up, Output- 24/96k
Tracks - 10,000

When playing back DSD64 files, Roon is first converting the DSD to PCM @176.4k (good). Then it does a sample rate conversion to 44.1k (bad). Output is showing as CoreAudio Exclusive Mode. When playing back, MIDI settings switch to 44.1k @ 24bit.

DAC supports 24/96k. Files at that bitrate play at that rate and MIDI settings switch to 24/96.

Not sure what’s going on here. Appreciate any help.


Not sure if this will help, as I’m a new user, too.

Have you checked the Roon settings? Go to Settings, Audio tab, find your Output Zone in question and click the gears next to that. Double-check your Max Sample Rate.

Thanks for the reply, Rob. I’ve tried every setting there, from 192k max to disabled, none make any difference it still resamples to 44.1k.

I found another thread that mentioned the idea of a handshaking issue between Roon and the DAC. I have now disconnected the DAC and it behaves exactly the same so I have to assume that Roon’s Core is making these decisions.


Sorry I couldn’t help more…

Hey @WaterDog – can you confirm whether the DAC supports 88.2k?

Roon will resample 176.4k to 88.2k, but if your DAC plays doesn’t support 88.2k that would explain the behavior you’re seeing here.

Let me know what you’re seeing here and we can take another look if that’s not it. Sorry for the trouble!

Huh, who knew. The DAC doesn’t support 88.2k playback, so Roon is knocking it down to 44.1. Prior to Roon I was using Jriver which allowed me to set the output to the max of the DAC. Since Roon has this very transparent audio path it’s more noticeable now. Can’t say for sure that I’m hearing SQ issues at the lower bitrate. At least it’s preserving 24 bit which in my experience is a more noticeable factor in SQ.

Any chance you’ll head in the direction to tailor the output according to user preference (up/downsample limits)? Is that what HQ Player is about?

Thanks for helping to sort out this mystery, Mike.